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NSG 513 Week 2 Individual Assignment Leadership Development Plan

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NSG 513 Week 2 Individual Assignment  Leadership Development Plan




The purpose of a leadership development plan is for leaders to develop

competencies that can bridge levels and functionalities in the

organization. This allows leaders to promote team engagement, and

provide purpose and direction for achieving their goals. Leadership

development programs are essential to managing a team when it

comes to planning and making the right decisions regarding

functionality across the organization. By developing a plan, leaders are

able to determine the skills of each staff member. As a result,

leadership can utilize the skills of the staff strategically when putting the

plan into action.

Develop a SWOT analysis on your organization. If you currently do not

work for a health care organization, use a health care facility where you

previously were employed.

Identify an area of weakness on which you will focus your Leadership

Development Plan.

Create a 525-word Leadership Development Plan addressing the

questions below.

  • What are the organization's perceived weaknesses?
  • How can you use the strengths identified in your Personal SWOT

Analysis to help the organization improve their weaknesses?

  • Which competencies (managerial and leadership) do you possess

and could use to address the issue?

  • How would you design your leadership development plan? Consider

combining several theories and models for developing your plan.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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