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NSG 512 Week 1 Individual Assignment Study Analysis: Preliminary Study Review

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NSG 512  Week 1 Individual Assignment Study Analysis: Preliminary Study Review



Locating appropriate academic articles that support your research topic

is important when conducting a study. Credible academic sources

create a stronger argument about the significance of a research

problem and validate your stance on the topic. Sources should address

prior studies on your topic and will give you an indication about how to

approach your research design.

Find two peer-reviewed health care research journals that align to your

research problem using the University Library. Identify one article about

a quantitative study and one about a qualitative study. You should be

able to use these articles in the literature review of your research

proposal outline.

For each article, answer questions 1-5 from Box 3.3 Additional

Questions for a Preliminary Review of a Study on p. 63 of Nursing

Research (click the Exercise tab) in 350 words.

  • Type your answers in a Microsoft® Word document.
  • Include the article's title before your answers.

Provide APA-formatted in-text citations and references for all sources.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment and articles

for faculty member approval.

Linked Objectives: 1.1

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