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NSG 511 Week 6 Individual Assignment Theory-Practice Reflection

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NSG 511 Week 6 Individual Assignment  Theory-Practice Reflection



Now that you have researched a theory, created a practice model, and

examined what empirical indicators are present, reflect on the theorypractice

relationship and take a stance on the following question:

  • Do current theories and models advance the nursing discipline by

guiding practice?

Debate the question with your Learning Team. Provide a team

summary report of no more than 500 words. A minimum of one

reference is suggested.

Note your thoughts before, during, and after the debate. You will use

them for this week's individual assignment.

Click the Assignment Files to submit the teams's summary.

SupportingMaterial:Learning Team Theory-Practice Reflection

Linked Objectives: 1.1, 1.3, 1.5




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