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NSG 511 Week 2 Individual Weekly Structural Framework Analysis

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NSG 511  Week 2 Individual Weekly Structural Framework Analysis


Structural Framework Analysis


Organizations typically define their guiding principles through mission,

vision, and values. Health care organizations often base their

philosophy and care models in theory.

Locate your organization's nursing philosophy and theoretical

foundation for the nursing model.

Include the website address or a document identifying the health

system you are analyzing for faculty member review.

Note: If you do not have access to a model, use the internet to search

the phrase "care delivery model" to find one that is appropriate for this


Analyze the theoretical foundation of the framework by considering:

  • theoretical underpinnings, including the conceptual model,

philosophy, and metaparadigm

  • how the foundation illustrates a conceptual or operational definition

of nursing theory

  • if it is a conceptual definition, create an operational definition
  • the empirical indicators and how they are measured

Cite a minimum of three APA formatted references.

Format your assignment as one of the following:

  • 18- to 20-slide presentation with speaker's notes (minimum 100

words per content slide) Provide a Word document containing the

speaker's notes for the Instructor to submit to Turn it In.

  • 875-word minimum paper

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

SupportingMaterial:Structural Framework Analysis Grading Rubric

Linked Objectives: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

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