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NSG 302 Week 1 Individual Assignment Information Baccalaureate Self-Reflection

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NSG 302 Week 1 Individual Assignment Information Baccalaureate Self-Reflection


Instructions: Complete the Baccalaureate Self-Reflection worksheet. Cite at least two scholarly articles to support your self-assessment. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


Grading Criteria: Week 1: Baccalaureate Self-Reflection


Content: 10 points possible Points Possible Points earned Comments Demonstrates a clear understanding of each competency area by developing an improvement plan to address gap 2



Identifies appropriate KSAs 2



Selects two competency needs from each guiding document 2



Develops an improvement plan to promote professional growth 2



Includes reasonable, realistic improvement timelines 2




Format: 5 points possible Points possible Points earned Comments Cites a minimum of two scholarly sources 2.5



Provides thoughtful, detailed improvement plan ideas 2.5




Points earned/possible /15

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