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Need assistance with the following Choose TWO of the THREE TOPICS below and follow the directions for that topic

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Need assistance with the following; <br/>DIRECTIONS:<br/>Choose TWO

of the THREE TOPICS below and follow the directions for that topic.

I want to make sure you understand that all three of these TOPICS have to do with PROCESS and NOT the actual development. A process is a method of doing the development. An example is everybody doing the testing process in the same manner – not the test itself. When this happens, then automated tools can be developed to help make the process more efficient.
System/Software Process and Quality Characteristics

Topic 1 ISO 9126 System Quality Characteristics
Quality characteristics apply equally to hardware and software.
Pick any two ISO 9126 System Quality Characteristics (do not forget the Sub Characteristics) from the list below and describe how they apply to the system development process:
1. Functionality                               4. Reliability
2. Usability                                     5. Efficiency
3. Maintainability                           6. Portability
Topic 2 Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) Capability Maturity Models (CMM)

Describe how the SEI Capability Maturity Models (Software (CMM-S) or Integration (CMM-I)) apply to the System Development Process. Do not restate the definition of each level within the model.

Also indicate whether or not your company participates in the Capability Maturity Model and if so, what level they have achieved.

Topic 3 What role do ‘Standards’ play in the System Development process?

You may address system, software, or hardware standards.
Give one or two examples of ‘standards’ that apply in your line of work.

Research and report on the chosen PART. Use the Internet and/or the UOP Library for your research and references. The focus of your research should be: “How does the topic apply to the System Development process.

I am interested in your viewpoint and whether you understand the concepts of the subject. I want you to focus on the content with good references and research. DO NOT try to write on too broad a topic. To use an analogy, I would rather have you provide details on a city than gloss over (write about) the whole United States. Use other people’s thoughts (external resources) to form you own understanding! You may quote and cite the textbook OR the instructor’s posts, but they DO NOT COUNT as an external reference.

For week three papers, keep the discussion at the GENERIC SYSTEM level; e.g., how does software or computer hardware apply to the total system?  Focus on the bigger picture! The week five paper will address more specific topics. 

For maximum score, cite two external resources per part in your paper and list them on the reference page. Diagrams are also beneficial to making a point (see below). Make sure you cite, in the body of your paper, all external resources that you use for the topic.

External References
One thought about external references: Even though you are the ‘industry expert’ on the topic, I still REQUIRE you to do research and include external references. I am personally amazed, every time I do research, at the amount of new information that is available. I would suspect that you might also be surprised.
Again, I repeat: you may also quote and cite the textbook OR the instructor’s posts, but they DO NOT COUNT as an external reference.

About Historical (Old) References:
As far as historical (old) references, some old information is still valid and can be used. However, there is a danger in using old (more than four years) information, unless you are presenting a historical perspective. The danger is that the technology changes so fast that the information is no longer valid. You, as a learning student, would not be able to recognize outdated information. Solution: find current industry references or materials from other educational institutions.

Diagrams and Illustrations
I do not specify a minimum number of diagrams for you to use in your paper. Diagrams, in your paper, serve the same purpose as they would in explaining information to a customer - show a picture and address the details in words. In other words, a picture can save you a thousand words. However, there are some topics that, by their very nature, require a diagram.  If you are familiar with Visio, you may integrate Visio diagrams into your written report.

APA Style and Scoring
Written assignments require that you comply with the APA Writing Style.

Areas where past students have had problems are in in-text citations, references, and the use of figures and tables. If you create your own table or figure, list yourself as the author. Proper grammar and spelling are CRITICAL in effective writing.

To summarize:
- APA does NOT require a Running Head for short or non-published papers.
- A Short title and page numbers are required.
(Your short title will be: Week X Paper – A BBB) where X = week # and A BBB = First initial and last name), five spaces and page number; e.g.,
Week 1 Paper – Name Here                                                                                                      1
- Double spaced lines
- Use 12 point Arial or New Times Roman
- Paragraph indent (5 to 7 spaces)
- 1” margins
- No contractions
- No blank lines
- Spell out all acronyms and abbreviations the first time used.
- Proper format and labeling of figures and tables.
- Make sure you cite any source applicable to the table or figure. If you create an original figure or table, please put your name down as the source so that I know it is original and can help you if you get off track.
- APA Style in-text citations and reference page

Comply with the following APA Style for engineering/technical papers:
Each assignment will be organized as follows and have a minimum of six pages:
– Title page, Part # (first body of text), Part # (second body of text, and a Reference Section.
- A standard APA Style title page but list all topics on this one page.
- Start each topic on a new page and restate the title of the applicable topic at the top of the first page (centered) of the section.
- NO introduction or summary paragraphs required – give me the meat!
- A single APA Style Reference page listing your references for all topics. List the references in alphabetical order by author.

Let me know if you have questions on APA Style now. Do not wait until it is time to submit your first paper!

Paper Length
- For maximum points, the written portion (not counting the title page or reference page) of the assignment  will be a minimum of two APA Style pages of text per topic excluding graphics

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