MTH 210 Week 4 MyMathLab Study Plan for Weekly Checkpoint

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MTH 210 Week 4 MyMathLab Study Plan for Weekly Checkpoint

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MTH 210 Week 4 MyMathLab Study Plan for Weekly Checkpoint

This assignment allows you to get the necessary practice to fully comprehend the weekly learning objectives through guided instructions, videos, and links to the textbook in case you get stuck. These assignments prepare you to be successful on the weekly checkpoint and final.

Access the MyMathLab Access link.

Click Homework and Tests in MyMathLab at the top-left of the screen.

Click Study Plan for the weekly Checkpoint.

Click the green Practice button next to the first un-mastered objective.

Complete the practice problems until you feel ready for a quiz.

Click the Close button. Return to the Study Plan for the weekly Checkpoint.

Click the Quiz Me button.

Correctly answer the questions to earn the Mastery Point (MP). There may be 2-3 questions per Quiz Me.

Note: If you do not correctly answer the questions in the Quiz Me, you must click Practice and successfully complete at least one practice problem before you can retake the Quiz Me. You can follow this process and attempt each Quiz Me as often as necessary.

After earning the Mastery Point for the first objective, continue working in the Study Plan using the same process described above until you have earned all Mastery Points for the week.

Important Note: You must earn at least 60% of the Mastery Points this week before moving on to the Checkpoint. It is highly recommended that you earn 100% of the Mastery Points before moving on to the Checkpoint.

10.1 Area of Parallelograms and Triangles

Find the area of a parallelogram.

Find the area of a triangle.

Find the missing dimension.

Find the area of an irregular figure.

10.3 Areas of Regular Polygons

Find the area of a polygon given the apothem, side, or radius.

Use special triangles to find the area of a polygon.

11.3 Tangent Lines

Use properties of a tangent to a circle.

11.4 Chords and Arcs

Use congruent chords, arcs, and central angles.

Use perpendicular bisectors to chords.

11.5 Inscribed Angles

Find the measure of an inscribed angle or the arc it intercepts.

11.6 Angle Measures and Segment Lengths

Find the measures of angles and arcs formed by chords, secants, and tangents.

Find the lengths of segments associated with circles.

MTH 210 Week 4 MyMathLab Study Plan for Weekly Checkpoint

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