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MGT 312   Week 1 Individual Assignment Organizational Behavior in the Workplace         



Complete the Organizational Behavior in the Workplace

the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.




MGT 312  Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Learning Team Charter




In this course, your team will work together to complete a few

assignments. This chartering assignment is designed to help you apply

your project management skills to understand the scope of your project,

then break the project into goals, tasks, responsibilities, resources, and

milestones. The assignment also asks you to discuss and answer some

questions that will lay the foundation for developing your project.

Beyond the Standard Charter

You will notice that this chartering process goes beyond your standard

University of Phoenix Charter by helping your team create a project

plan for team success by providing you with opportunities to define your

deliverables, recognize the connections between the deliverables and

other classroom activities, determine your timelines and milestones,

identify each team member's expected contribution, and answer

questions that lay the foundation for building your projects.

Putting "I" in "Team"

Important to note is the section for defining learning team expectations

related to participation, collaboration, communication, team

contributions, assignment deadlines, and other considerations. Please

take the time to discuss and document how your team will address

each area and any challenges that may arise. It is important to

understand that we are "Putting 'I' in 'Team'". In short, we will recognize

and reward individuals according to their contributions to team output,

not according to their team membership. This means that individual

grades may be different from the team grade depending on each

individual's contribution to each team deliverable.

Completing this Assignment

To complete this assignment, please do the following:

Review the Charter and Project plan.

Review the weekly Learning Team deliverables.

Complete the provided Learning Team Charter and Project Plan,

including the following: team member contact information, project by

week, learning team expectations, team discussion questions.






MGT 312  Week 2 Learning Team Assignment  Diversity and Personality at Work



You are assigned to work on a team in the workplace with a person

who has a different personality type than you. Connect with your team

members who have a different personality than you.

Create a 700-word paper which includes the following:

  • A description of each team member's personality type
  • A description of the advantages of working with those with differing

personality types

  • A discussion of the disadvantages of working with those with

differing personality types

  • Examples of ways organizations can manage a diverse group of


Cite 1-3 business sources not including the text that support the team's

ideas regarding personality.




MGT 312  Week 2 Individual Assignment Big Five Personality Types




Complete the "What Is My Big Five Personality Profile?" selfassessment.

Write a 1,050-word paper in which you address the following:

  • Do you agree with the results of your assessment?
  • Based on the results of your assessment, what do you see as your

strengths and weaknesses?

  • How might your personality type influence your job performance?



MGT 312  Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Organizational Climate




Locate a list of the 100 best companies to work for by using a search


Research companies from that list to ensure sufficient information is

available to review the Organizational Behavior environment of that


Look for the following key words: amplifying effect, pro-social behaviors,

positive deviance, conscious capitalism.

Select one of the companies as a team.

Create a 700-word analysis of the team's chosen organization and its

climate regarding organizational behavior.

Include the following in your review:

  • Does this organization encourage positive Organizational Behavior?
  • If yes, how do they demonstrate this?
  • If not, what type of Organizational Behavior do they seem to


Peer Review: The teams will share their findings with at least one other

team in class. The teams will critically analyze the review to see if the

other team provided adequate evidence to support their claims

regarding the organizational climate of the chosen organization.

Incorporate the feedback from the peer review in the conclusion of the




MGT 312 Week 3 Individual Assignment  Using Strengths to Increase Motivation



Complete the "What is My Level of PsyCap" self-assessment.

Write a 1,400-word paper in which you include the following:

  • Explain why you agree or disagree with your results.
  • Develop strategies to advance your career using your strengths.
  • How can you use goal-setting to increase motivation and improve job


  • How might your engagement as an employee and job satisfaction

influence job performance?

  • Discuss at least 5 of the following motivational theories and explain

how these can aid in job performance:

  • Extrinsic motivation
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y
  • Maslow's Needs Hierarchy
  • Acquired needs theory
  • Self-determination theory
  • Herzberg's theory of motivation
  • Equity theory
  • Expectancy theory





MGT 312 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment  Formulating Leadership Part II



Create an 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you

examine the five bases of power.

Include the following:

  • A description of each base
  • An example of each as used in the workplace
  • An evaluation of which are the most and least desirable
  • Ways to increase positive power bases



MGT 312    Week 4 Individual Assignment Working in Groups and Teams




Complete the "Evaluate Team Member Effectiveness" self-assessment.

Write a 1,050-word paper in which you address the following:

  • Do you agree with your results?
  • Based on your self-assessment, what do you see as your strengths

and weaknesses regarding working on a team?

  • Have you ever engaged in social loafing while on a team? Why or

why not?

  • How does working effectively on a team give you an advantage in

the workplace?

  • How do groups normally develop?
  • How does the effectiveness of the team members influence the

group's development process?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.




MGT 312   Week 5 Learning Team Assignment CAREER CONNECTION: Socialization and Mentoring




CAREER CONNECTION: This assignment builds socialization skills

and establishes the importance of mentoring to aid in career


The team has been invited to present at a conference before top

executives of Fortune 500 companies. The topic the team is presenting

on is "How Can Socialization and Mentoring Be Used For Career


Create a 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you

address the following as they relate to the topic:

  • How can socialization and mentoring be used to advance a career?
  • How can socialization and mentoring help minimize resistance to

change using the contingency approach?

  • How can socialization and mentoring help people embrace these

changes as a part of career advancement?

  • Include Feldman's three-phase model of socialization and the six

socialization tactics as part of the discussion.

Cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources other than your textbook.

Format the references according to APA guidelines and include as a

reference slide at the end of the presentation.





MGT 312  Week 5  Individual Assignment Final Examination




Click the link to the Final Examination available from the end of Week 4

through the end of Week 5.

Complete the Final Examination. You are allowed one attempt to

complete the examination, which is timed and must be completed in 3

hours. Results are automatically graded and sent to your instructor.

Note: The automated final exam was designed in Google Chrome and

is best viewed in the latest version of the browser. If you do not use the

latest version of Google Chrome to view and complete the automated

final exam, you may not be able to view the entire exam content. If you

do not have the most current version of Google Chrome, download the

browser before you enter the exam

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