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MBL 402 Week 5 Individual Assignment Final App Project

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MBL 402 Week 5 Individual Assignment Final App Project


Instructions: Part I Create an Android™ app that will be used to enter student grades for college courses. Develop three screens as follows:   

  • The first screen should allow the entry of a student id, first name, last name, class id, and class name.  •  The second screen should allow the entry of a grade for each student and class that they took. The grade entry will be a number which can range from 0 - 100.   
  • The third screen should show the student name and overall letter grade for the semester based on the classes that they took.


Design the database using the following fields and criteria:

  • Student ID VARCHAR (8),
  • First Name varchar (20),
  • Last name varchar (20),
  • Class ID varchar (20),
  • Grade Integer (3),
  • Letter grade Varchar (2)


Part II Prepare a 5-slide presentation to present the app, including speaker's notes. Create the content for the presentation. The following are examples of appropriate content:   

  • The best uses of Google Cloud™ messaging
  • The best uses of Google Maps™ API and where it can be best used.

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