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MBL 402 Week 4 Individual Assignment Week4App

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MBL 402 Week 4 Individual Assignment Week4App

Instructions: Create an Android™ app to store and display car information for a dealership showing the customer name, car make, car model, and purchase cost. Include the following fields in the SQLite Database:   

  • A Database name of "CARDEALER.db".
  • A Table_ name of "CUSTOMER_TABLE". The table should contain the following fields:
  • ID (PRIMARY KEY INTEGER auto Increment)
  • COST (NUMERIC) Complete the following steps (3 pts each)


  1. Create a button named, "ADD" to allow a user to add the customer first and last name, car make/model, and cost.
  2. Create a second button named, "VIEW" to display all customer data held in the SQLite DB on the screen.
  3. Create a third button named, "UPDATE" that will allow the user to update the customer name, car make. model, and cost fields that are held on the database. Users should not be allowed to change the ID field.
  4. Create a fourth button named, "DELETE" to allow the user to delete an existing customer on the screen and remove them from the database. Review Week 1 Individual project for application development, testing and submission instructions.

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