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MBL 402 Week 3 Individual Assignment Week3App

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MBL 402 Week 3 Individual Assignment Week3App

Instructions: Create an Android™ app to showcase location and mapping services using Android™ Studio.

You are expected to learn the following three programming elements with is project: - Android's new permission model with API 23 and above - Making app location aware (starting point for location based service). - Google API service (using google Map service as an example)


Preparation (recommended): Start a new Android project with "MapsActivity" as the activity template. Then follow the following steps:   

  1. Review "res\values\google_maps_api_xml" file.
  2. Create Google Maps API key per the instructions.
  3. Fill in the API key in "google_maps_api_xml" file.
  4. Run the app. If there are errors, you may need to compile this with a lower version of google services. You can change this is in "Build.gradle" and alter to a version such as "".
  5. Make sure you have a running app on the AVD. New features request: Add/change the basic map application with the following new features:
  6. Having "zoom in" and "zoom out" controls on the screen (3 pts)
  7. Having at least "normal" and "satellite" views of the map via menu selection. (3 pts)
  8. Showing a "marker" on the current location of the device. Marker automatically moves to new location upon change of location. (2 pts)
  9. Info Window of the marker shows current location's "city, state/provivence, country and zipcode". (2 pts)


Review Week 1 Individual project for application development, testing and submission instructions.


Note that emulator does not have GPS. But for testing purpose, you can set it to a geo location via the "More/Extended Control" button on the emulator (the "..." button to the side of the emulator). Set it to different locations to simulate change of location.

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