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LTC 310 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Community Newsletter Outline

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LTC 310 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Community Newsletter Outline

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Program or Service Observation Form, located on your student website; Community Newsletter Outline Grading Criteria.

Observation of Services. You submitted the list to your instructor for approval at the end of week 2. After receiving approval, contact the program or service provider to schedule the observation as soon as possible.

You will use the Observation Form for this task. The form is divided into four categories that will guide you in obtaining the information you need for your project. In the form, you will be asked to record information about the requirements that the program or service must adhere to, the public’s perception of the program or service, and the overall effectiveness of it. After conducting the observations, the Learning Teams will create a Community Newsletter in which they will provide their local community with information regarding the long-term care programs and services available to them. Team members will use the information from their observations to create the newsletter.

Complete the Program or Service Observation Form to record your observations of the program or service. Each team member must submit this form with the final assignment.

Post a draft copy in your team forum by Day 5. The draft will be used to organize the newsletter outline due on day 7.

Note. Because these programs and services are designed for the public, you may visit as an interested observer and community resident or as a health care professional. If staff members do not welcome this type of visit, note this on the Observation Form, because relationships with the public are important aspects of quality programs.

Write an outline for your 1,400- to 1,750-word Community Newsletter detailing the programs and services available in your communities, due in Week Five. Answer the following in your outline:

What programs or services did your team members visit? Provide a brief description of the programs or services.
Why did you choose these programs or services?
How will you obtain the following information for your Community Newsletter?

Note. You are not required to answer the questions at this time. Instead, focus on your plan for obtaining the appropriate information that will be included in your newsletter.

What specific long-term care programs and services are offered to the community?

What are the differences between social and educational programs and services? How do the services you observed fit into these categories?

How do the programs or services provide information to potential clients? What are their main methods of providing important information to the community?

How are these programs and services funded?

What effect do funding and reimbursement have on these services?

What licenses do these services have? What are some of the requirements for obtaining this licensure?

What are some current trends and issues in long-term care? How do these programs or services fit in with these trends and issues?

Submit the outline. Select one team member to post the teams outline to the Assignment section.

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