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Learning Team Week Six Assignment Description

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How To Use This Outline
Title Page
- Complete the appropriate information on this title page and delete the italicized comments.
- Use the included APA Style short title (LT X Week 6 Paper) (X is the LT letter) and page number.
- Delete this blue text.
Remaining Pages
- The Learning Team will complete the appropriate information.
- Use may use this template as is.  You do not have to retype it.
- Leave the formatting, section numbering and italicized text in the outline. 
- Replace the red text with the Learning Team written input or graphic following the italicized text.
Use of System Analysis and Development for the
XYZ Corporation ATM System.
Team Member Names

Use of System Analysis and Development for the
XYZ Corporation ATM System.
Section 2.  General System Concept
(Title only)
2.8       System Location and Networks
Using the information specified in weeks two and four and my Physical Network Diagram examples:
            - Describe where the new system will be used (physical location) and any network connections.
            Your text goes here
- Describe where interfacing systems (vendors or manufacturing facilities) are located and any network connections.
            Your text goes here
- Describe any network connections and locations required to support the testing locations stated in 4.2.
            Your text goes here
- Produce a Physical Network Diagram that shows the physical location and network components that will be used for this ATM system as described above.
GRAPHIC: Physical Network Diagram
Your diagram goes here
2.9       Cost/Benefit Analysis
                        - Based on your time line diagram and information given to you from XYZ Corp on required implementation dates and projected usage, provide an estimated Return on Investment for this system. Show the numbers on how you reached the Return on Investment solution.
You can buy an ATM machine (including the video subsystem) for $3000 per unit delivered to your facility.
- XYZ bought a corporate license for the language software at an annual cost of $25000. 
The cost for both acceptance testing from the vendor and installation testing at the location selected by XYZ is $200 per ATM.  
The set up cost at a designated location is $100 per ATM.
The initial 50 ATMs will become operational on day 1 of the stated month.
After the initial 50 ATMs are installed, installation will be at a rate of 16-17 ATMs per month.
Example:  ATMs installed in January will be come operational the 1st of February.
 When (month and year) will XYZ Corporation show a profit on the ATM system?
Your answer (month and year) to the question goes here.
Your data goes here.   However, you may attach an Excel spreadsheet to show your data.  Put a comment here pointing XYZ to the spreadsheet.
Section 3. System Methodology
3.4           Configuration Management
3.4.1          Configuration Management
- Given that you are either building your own ATM model OR buying one from a vendor, describe your configuration management process.
Your text goes here
3.4.2    Release and Version Control
- Given that you are either building your own ATM model OR buying one from a vendor, describe your release and version control process.
Your text goes here
3.5       Risk Management
3.5.1    Risk Management Process
- State the process of how you will identify and mitigate risks         during project development to insure successful implementation of the system during development.
Your text goes here
3.5.2    Potential Risks
- Create a table to Identify five potential risks to this project and how you will mitigate them. 
Your table goes here
Section 4. Other Documentation
 (Title only) This section describes the documentation for the system development.  DO NOT provide detailed documentation. Provide only what is asked for in this section.
4.2       Test Plan and Test Methodology
            4.2.1    Master Test Plan - Provide a list of the three most important pieces of information that should be included in the Master Test Plan.
Your text goes here.
            4.2.2    Types of Testing - Describe the types of testing and where the testing will be done.  Update the physical network diagram to support the process.  
Your text goes here. These should appear on the physical network diagram in section 2

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