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LDR 531 Week 2 Individual Assignment Professional Development Plan

Assume you are the manager of your learning team and need to develop a plan that will address the characteristics of your group and yourself as the leader. This plan can be used to determine the needs of the learning team and is a tool for members to assess their skills, strengths, areas needing improvement, and the resources needed to help them reach their career goals.
Use each Learning Team member’s DiSC assessment results completed in Week One.
Develop a combined DiSC chart of your Learning Team members for use in developing this paper. Based on the individual assessments, what are the characteristics of your team?
Create a professional development plan to address the characteristics of the Learning Team members both individually and as a group and your ability to lead them:
Required Elements:
No more than 1400 words
Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines
Evaluate the individuals, including yourself, and the group based on the DiSC assessment.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

LDR 531 Week 3 Individual  Team Assignment Leadership Style

Select and describe a leader you admire. Your selected leader may be either a real-life individual or a fictional character from television, the movies, or a book. Using leadership theories, analyze your selected leader to identify characteristics and provide specific examples of leadership qualities you think contributed to that person's success.
Evaluate your own leadership style and work with your mentor to identify your own leadership characteristics.
Write a paper in which you explain your leadership style and your ideas and plans for improving your effectiveness as a leader based on your comparison with an admired leader and your work with your mentor.
Required Elements:
No more than 1050 words
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines
Evaluate your chosen leader and yourself, based on the leadership theories.
Summarize the discussion with your mentor
Present a 10-minute PowerPoint Presentation in-class summarizing your Leadership Style Paper.  

LDR 531 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Conflict Resolution

As you continue to develop in your career, you will find that your responsibilities as a leader will increase. You will be tasked with many different jobs, such as managing conflict, handling communication challenges among your team members, or addressing organizational communication needs. As you know, no employee likes to speak up only to have his or her ideas not taken seriously, or to confront others about their working styles, or to face uncomfortable gossip among coworkers.
View the LDR/531 Storybooks.
Develop a summary of no more than 1,050 words that includes multiple ways to handle the three situations shown in the Storybooks.
Discuss communication styles and barriers and the conflict and negotiation process involved in handling the three situations. For each storybook, describe the strategy or strategies you would apply in these situations.
Consider the following as you complete the assignment:
Storybook #1:
How would you react when a team member is being vague and trying to spin bad news to sound more positive, thereby making it harder for the team to actually approach and resolve the issue?
How could you encourage someone to continue to voice his or her opinion or to share an idea when you know she is hesitant to do so?
Storybook #2:
As a manager, how would you relay an important negative message with as little impact on your team as possible? Why would you choose this method?
What is the best way to handle gossip before it spreads?
How might you handle your team's feelings after a negative situation has occurred that does not directly affect your team but affects others around them?
Storybook #3:
What strategies would you use to help your team alleviate stress caused by deadlines before any conflict arises?
General question for all three storybooks:
Think about a personal situation from your work experience that is similar to each storybook scenario. How would you approach the situation differently based on the principles you learned in the storybooks? How might the results change?
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Present as a Team your Storybook analysis for each of the 3 stories summarizing your team paper in a 15 minute PowerPoint Presentation. 

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

LDR 531 Week 5 Individual Assignment  Motivation Plan

Use the DiSC assessment results from your Learning Team members.
Interview your mentor to gather information about your mentor’s organization, the department your mentor works in, and his or her job description.
Write a plan that may be applied to your mentor's department and that would increase your Learning Team members' motivation, satisfaction, and performance based on their personal profiles, as if they were employees of that department.
Required Elements:
No more than 1400 words
Analyze specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values among your Learning Team members, and address how each difference might be used to positively influence behavior.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Clickthe Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
Write a paper of not more than 1,050 words in which you answer the following questions:
Do you think that the creation and work of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) has resulted in greater independence of auditors of public companies?
If auditing of financial statements is required primarily for the protection of public investors, should not all PCAOB members be taken from the investment community that uses audited financial statements?
What regulatory compliance requirements apply to various business situations?
Cite at least 5 peer-reviewed references.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
LDR 531 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Failure Analysis/Change Strategy
The U.S. possesses more extensive and expansive administrative law than any other nation. 
Write a paper of not more than 1,400 words analyzing the administrative bodies in Europe and Asia that regulate global business in countries in those regions. 
Discuss the rulemaking authority of these foreign administrative bodies and their effect on U.S. global business. 
Cite at least five peer-reviewed sources. 
Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Create a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which your team members summarize the key points of the Learning Team paper assignment and defend your collective findings and conclusions.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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