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LDR 300 Week 1 Individual Assignment Leadership and Management Paper
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you select a past or present public or political figure, as long as he or she is not mentioned in the readings.
Address the following points in your paper:
In what ways is this person a leader? In what ways is this person a manager?
What different leadership roles and functions does this person fulfill? How are these roles similar? How are they different?
What obstacles has this person encountered as a leader?
Is this person an effective leader based on common measures for success?
Provide a rationale for your answers.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
LDR 300 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment  Leadership Profile
Your company’s vice president of human resources has approached your team for assistance in recruiting and developing your organization’s future leaders. The vice president has asked your team to brainstorm, research, and prepare a written profile.
Resources: University Library, Internet, Week Three readings
Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word profile.
Select one of the following organizations to use as your company in the profile:
Southwest Airlines Co.®
National Football League®
Sony Corporation of America®
Include the following in your profile:
Compare-and-contrast of common leadership traits in this industry
Methods for developing leaders in this industry
Strategies for how industry leaders balance competing values and priorities
Proposal to avoid managerial derailment and failure
Format your profile consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
LDR 300 Week 3 Individual Assignment  Leadership and Power Paper
Resource: The Prime Minister’s Powerful Better Half Mini Case
Review The Prime Minister’s Powerful Better Half.
Answer the questions at the end of the Mini Case.
Address the following:
Review the Leader Motives in Ch. 5 of Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience. How would you characterize Ho Ching’s motives?
Review Highlight 5.3 in Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience. What role, if any, do managerial differences based on gender play here?
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
LDR 300 Week 4 Individual Assignment  Strategies for Building Effective Relationships Paper
Your uncle owns a midsized manufacturing business for which you worked between high school graduation and college. You were involved in many nonmanagerial operations, from distribution to manufacturing experience. As a new graduate, you seek employment.
Your uncle has offered you a position as the new product development project leader. If you accept this position, you must address the following concerns:
Revenue on the business’ standard products has dropped significantly in the past 3 years.
There are no new ideas on the horizon.
No one is leading project managers.
The last project leader left the business because of conflicts with peer managers and immediate supervisors.
After careful consideration, you accept the job offer.
Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word paper and address the following concepts:
Basic leadership skills you need to succeed
Methods you use to build effective relationships with superiors and peers
What role you will play regarding participatory management in the business
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
LDR 300 Week 4  Learning Team Assignment Understanding Strategic Forces Paper & Worksheet
Read Exercise 7-1:Understanding Strategic Forces in The Art and Science of Leadership.

Complete the Understanding Strategic Forces Worksheet: Comparing the Candidates located in Exercise 7-1: Understanding Strategic Forces.

Provide a written, in-depth analysis of the two candidates in the exercise and a rationale for your final recommendation. In the paper, be sure to:
Review the two candidates and their qualifications in terms of environment, strategy, culture, structure, technology, and leadership.
Explain which leadership each candidate represents.
Address unique challenges of leaders in a nonprofit organization, such as the junior high school in the exercise.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Upload your responses to the completed worksheet and the paper to the Assignment Files tab.
LDR 300 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment  Merger Dilemma Paper
Your consulting group has been retained to help with the merger of two midsized companies that have been competitors for years. The purpose of the merger is to acquire significant market share and compete with other companies in the industry. Concerned employees are looking for strong managerial direction.
Your contract requires that you address the following, regarding the organization’s blended leadership:
Propose methods to anticipate and adapt to necessary organizational change.
Identify ways to manage organizational conflict.
Propose methods for creative problem-solving to help mitigate the stress on employees and the blended management team.
Write a paper based on the scenario.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
LDR 300 Week 5 Final Examination
Please answer the following questions. You should use a word count of a minimum of 200 words or more per response. Please complete your answers under each respective question and upload to the “Final Exam” assignment.
1.      Define Leadership and Management to show the differences between these two terms
2.      List 3 Different attributes that you would expect good leaders to have along with a brief explanation of each one.
3.      What are some unique challenges of non-profit organizations? (List two with brief explanations )
4.      What are some of the advantages of participatory management? Disadvantages?
5.      Managing Conflict: Name two approaches to managing conflict that you might use along with a brief description of each one.

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