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IT 200 Week 5 Individual Assignment Data Breaches

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IT 200 Week 5 Individual Assignment Data Breaches


Instructions: The head of the IT security department expressed her concerns about series of data breaches that occurred in the company and mentioned that many employees ignored their system security warnings.

You have been asked to provide a summary of information to the entire team about data breaches and suggest proactive and preventative measures for warding off malware attacks. Your summary will be sent out to all company employees, so the information must be clear, concise, and informative and include reputable sources.

Include the following in your summary:   

  • Definition of a data breach
  • 2 summaries of famous data breaches (Target, Sony Pictures, Home Depot, etc)
  • At least three preventive measures against data breaches, both physical or digital  
  • Define malware
  • Describe at least 3 different examples of malware
  • Describe the techniques most recommended to avoid the malware you've described Choose one of the following options for your summary:
  • A 12-15 slide PowerPoint Presentation with the usual title, overview, reference slides and detailed speaker notes
  • A 3-4 page APA formatted paper Submit your summary to the Assignment Files tab above.

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