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IT 200 Week 3 Individual Assignment Point of Sale Data Collection

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IT 200 Week 3 Individual Assignment Point of Sale Data Collection

Instructions: Have you ever looked at a recent receipt from somewhere like Walmart or Target and wondered about all the information on there?  Upon close inspection, you'll find data items that come from the Point of Sale (POS) system, the credit card reader, perhaps your loyalty card, the store's website, etc.  This assignment is all about data, and how it comes together in a system.  Think like a business owner.  Why do you care about the data in your POS system?  Why does your customer need to see the data on the receipt?

 Do Not list any items you bought.

 You'll need a receipt from a store in order to complete this assignment.

 Use the template in the Student Materials to a table listing at least seven data items collected in this transaction and provide details on what the data item is and why it matters to the business owner and/or the customer. 

 Note: You'll need to have a receipt in your hand when you do this assignment.  The data items on a receipt vary by transaction, but common items are date and time, cashier ID, register#, store #.  The source of those is the POS system.  Then you see the name of the items bought (but don't use anything you bought for this assignment). Those come from the UPC on the product, scanned by the POS system.  Then you'll see the last 4 of the debit card, the source is normally the credit card reader attached to the counter.  Sales tax will be there for most states.  Customer loyalty card number?  Transaction #?  Reference #?  Some might be a little hard to understand and will require that you research them on the Internet.  Don't just list the data items, remember to describe them in terms of what they are, and why they matter to business owners and customers.


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