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IT 200 Week 1 Individual Assignment Cloud-Based Office Productivity Suite Presentation


Instructions: The Vice President of Sales for your company has asked you for more information on cloud-based office productivity suites. He tells you that the Sales team is often remote and needs to be able to stay connected to the office. They need to be able to view price sheets, prepare memos and sales agreements, make presentations to clients, have access to their email and schedule, and attend meetings remotely. He asks you to present your productivity suite recommendation at next week's team meeting.


Create a 8- to 10-slide presentation about a cloud-based office productivity suite, identifying how each of the above needs can be met and the collaborative benefits provided by the suite.  Include cost per user.


NOTE:  Read these instructions carefully.  Two key terms are cloud based and productivity suite.  The assignment calls for an analysis of a full suite that is accessible via your Web Browser such as Office 365 and Google Apps (or G Suite).  Don't just focus on a file storage solution like OneDrive or Google Drive.  Make sure you address every requirement mentioned by the VP of Sales.


Your presentation must include:  

  • A title slide (not included in the slide count)   
  • An overview slide (see my tips in the Student Materials at right)
  • Detailed speaker notes or recorded audio narration
  • A reference slide citing all resources used in presentation and speaking notes (not included in the slide count) Note: Students may use a presentation software of their choice, but please make sure the file type is .ppt.




IT 200 Week 1 Individual Assignment Presentation Software Comparison



Instructions: Create a comparison of five features of presentation software.  You will develop your own list of 5 features that apply to all types of presentation software.


Using these five features, compare two presentation programs (e.g. PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple iWork, Prezi, etc.)


Include a brief reflection on how the programs meet or fail to meet your expectations.


Choose a delivery format for your comparison:   

  • A Matrix or Table created in a Microsoft® Office® program or
  • a Venn Diagram, or
  • a 1-page summary in Microsoft Word Submit your combined reflection and comparison (one file preferably) to the Assignment Files tab




IT 200 Week 2 Individual Assignment Computer Networking and Configurations

Instructions: You are hired as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a startup company, which has two branches; one Los Angeles and one in San Francisco. The company hired employees to begin working on the design of the product. As CTO, you need to explain to the Board of Directors your idea in interconnecting the two offices to ensure consistency and collaboration. Employee's computer systems need to be connected and permitted to connect remotely (from outside of the office).  You'll prepare a PowerPoint presentation to describe equipment you'll need to buy and software and network connectivity services you'll need to subscribe to.


The following are details about the scenario to consider in your assignment:

1) Assume there are 25 users at each location. 

2) Users will need devices to work on in the office, but let's assume it's a requirement that they all have to be able to work from anywhere, so take mobility into account when you budget for at least 25 computers (of whatever type you decide). 

3) Next, you'll need a device that the employees connect to when they're at the office.  You can use a traditional, wired Ethernet "switch" or go unconventional with a WiFi access point they all share. 

4) Then, you have to pay to connect each office to the Internet.  What are your options, and what do they cost?  A call to your local cable company business Internet salesman would probably give you that answer, and plans are probably clearly described on the web.  Okay, so once you have computers for everybody and Internet access, we'll only add 1 more requirements. 

5) Traditionally, as a CTO you'd burden yourself with servers and applications installed on one or both offices LANs.  However, it's 2017 so we're in the cloud baby!  Choose a cloud based productivity suite (like we studied in Week 1, MS Office, Google Suite, etc) and budget for all 50 users. 

Prepare a 10-12 slide presentation (not including title, overview and reference slides) that describes your recommendations to the board of directors.  Make sure to include sources for products and their prices that you're recommending.  The board's going to want to know why you've made the choices you have, so make sure you phrase your presentation accordingly.  Justify your recommendations using sound business language.  Also, make sure your presentation has the title, overview, reference slides and speaker notes like the Week 1 assignment.



IT 200 Week 3 Individual Assignment Point of Sale Data Collection

Instructions: Have you ever looked at a recent receipt from somewhere like Walmart or Target and wondered about all the information on there?  Upon close inspection, you'll find data items that come from the Point of Sale (POS) system, the credit card reader, perhaps your loyalty card, the store's website, etc.  This assignment is all about data, and how it comes together in a system.  Think like a business owner.  Why do you care about the data in your POS system?  Why does your customer need to see the data on the receipt?


Do Not list any items you bought.


You'll need a receipt from a store in order to complete this assignment.


Use the template in the Student Materials to a table listing at least seven data items collected in this transaction and provide details on what the data item is and why it matters to the business owner and/or the customer. 


Note: You'll need to have a receipt in your hand when you do this assignment.  The data items on a receipt vary by transaction, but common items are date and time, cashier ID, register#, store #.  The source of those is the POS system.  Then you see the name of the items bought (but don't use anything you bought for this assignment). Those come from the UPC on the product, scanned by the POS system.  Then you'll see the last 4 of the debit card, the source is normally the credit card reader attached to the counter.  Sales tax will be there for most states.  Customer loyalty card number?  Transaction #?  Reference #?  Some might be a little hard to understand and will require that you research them on the Internet.  Don't just list the data items, remember to describe them in terms of what they are, and why they matter to business owners and customers.


IT 200 Week 3 Individual Assignment Effects of News Media Assignment Options


Instructions: As the new manager of a convenience store, you have noticed issues with the manual method of tracking sales using paper sales tickets and spreadsheets, as well as, shortages on some of the more popular items carried in the store. Present your case for upgrading to a Point of Sale (POS) database driven solution for tracking sales and inventory to the store owners. They are concerned about the cost and want to know what this upgrade would entail. Include the following:   

  • How a system could improve efficiency
  • How a system could improve accuracy
  • How sales of individual items would be entered
  • How the database would store the data compared to the current spreadsheet method
  • How monitoring of inventory levels based on sales using the database would work
  • What it will cost (so you're going to need to recommend a specific, real world POS system) Choose one of the following presentation deliverables:
  • An 8- to 10-slide presentation, with detailed speaker notes and reference page
  • A written business proposal (approximately two pages) Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab above.





IT 200 Week 4 Individual Assignment Social Media Marketing

Instructions: The local Chamber of Commerce has asked you to speak at the next meeting on your business' successful social media campaign. They asked you to specifically touch on how social media can be used to make potential customers aware of what the company has to offer.


Create a 1-2-page outline in MS Word of your speaking points on this topic.  Use the outline template in the Student Materials.


Include the following information:   

  • Benefits of social media (be specific and use facts and figures, the more the better)
  • How social media can be used to make potential customers aware of what the company has to offer
  • At least 2 brief examples of successful small business social media campaigns (from reality, do some research and include the source of the information (APA format isn't necessary) so you're more credible to your audience at the Chamber of Commerce) Submit your outline to the Assignment Files tab above.


IT 200 Week 4 Individual Assignment Medical Technologies


Instructions: You are hired as a research coordinator by the new hospital in town. One mission of the hospital is to work hard in preventing health issues by using new technologies created by health conscious engineers. Your task is to review health-related videos and articles and provide a summary of current technology being used in the medical field to prevent health issues for the hospital stakeholders. Your summary must include:   

  • A summary of at least three health-related technologies
  • The advantages of each one, including how it helps in curing or preventing a health issue
  • One of your three technologies should be how robots and/or artificial intelligence can benefit hospitals Choose one of the following options for your summary:
  • A 5- to 7-minute podcast using the software of your choice, such as Sound Recorder or Audacity to create your audio file and save as a MP3 or WAV.
  • A 5- to 7-minute video delivered as an MP4 or MOV file. (Upload to YouTube, OneDrive or Google Drive, too large to submit to the classroom most likely).    •  NOTE: For either the podcast or video, you must submit your script or notes in MS Word format)   
  • Infographic delivered as a PDF. You may use any Microsoft® Office product or free sites such as Piktochart,, or Canva to create an infographic.   
  • 2-3-page paper in proper APA format with reference page Submit your summary to the Assignment Files tab above.





IT 200 Week 5 Individual Assignment Data Breaches


Instructions: The head of the IT security department expressed her concerns about series of data breaches that occurred in the company and mentioned that many employees ignored their system security warnings.


You have been asked to provide a summary of information to the entire team about data breaches and suggest proactive and preventative measures for warding off malware attacks. Your summary will be sent out to all company employees, so the information must be clear, concise, and informative and include reputable sources.

Include the following in your summary:   

  • Definition of a data breach
  • 2 summaries of famous data breaches (Target, Sony Pictures, Home Depot, etc)
  • At least three preventive measures against data breaches, both physical or digital  
  • Define malware
  • Describe at least 3 different examples of malware
  • Describe the techniques most recommended to avoid the malware you've described Choose one of the following options for your summary:
  • A 12-15 slide PowerPoint Presentation with the usual title, overview, reference slides and detailed speaker notes
  • A 3-4 page APA formatted paper Submit your summary to the Assignment Files tab above.

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