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ISCOM 352 Week 1 Individual Assignment Supply Chain Logistics Systems Memo
As a supply chain manager, you have been asked by senior management to write a memo outlining supply chain logistics systems. The organization is considering a new approach to their logistics system analyses and is looking for your input.
Write a memo with a minimum of  800 words, addressing the following:
Explain the strategic role competitive, product, and spatial relationships play in logistics.
Explain the relationship between logistics systems and cost.
Identify techniques used to perform a logistics system analysis.
Summarize approaches that analyze logistics systems.
Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines.
ISCOM 352 Week 1 DQS
DQ 1
What is the effect of long production runs on logistics?  How does production time, related to place and quantity utility in logistics, add value to a product or service?  Provide an example.  How do utility types add value to a product or service?
DQ 2
What are some product characteristics that may affect logistics costs?  Discuss the effects of these characteristics on logistics costs.  Should these effects be passed on to the consumer?  Should the organization take less of a profit?  Should these costs be regulated?  Explain your answer.  What are some ways in which these costs may be absorbed? 
DQ 3
What are some advantages and disadvantages of supply chain networks?  Provide examples.  Which ones have you noticed in your organization or an organization with which you are familiar?  What may an organization do to overcome the disadvantages?
ISCOM 352 Week 2 Individual Assignment Integrated Supply Chain Report
As head of purchasing and procurement, you have been asked to write a brief report to the chief financial officer for the annual budget review. The organization is considering moving to an integrated supply chain and is looking for your input.
Write a minimum of 1,050-word report, addressing the following:
Define an integrated supply chain.
Explain how an integrated supply chain strategy contributes to the organization’s organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
Compare ways in which supply chain logistics strategies contribute to economic value in the United States.
Utilize charts or matrixes to represent relationships when possible.
ISCOM 352 Week 2 DQS
DQ 1
What are some logistics issues managers must consider when selecting modes of transportation? Provide examples.
DQ 2
What is intermodal transportation? How does intermodal transportation provide an organizational advantage? Provide an example of a situation when intermodal transportation is an advantage. Explain.
DQ 3
What role does information technology play in managing transportation planning and execution? Provide some examples. How has this role changed in the last 20 years? What are some emerging technologies that have the potential to improve supply chain management and potential transportation challenges? What changes in managing transportation do you see in the future because of technology?
ISCOM 352 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment  RiordanManufacturing Transportation Presentation
Resource: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization
Navigate to the Virtual Organizations website at
Read the Riordan Manufacturing company information.
Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to be given to the Riordan board of directors. As part of the new business development team, you have been exploring new transportation options for the organization’s supply chain. In your presentation, address the following:
Describe Riordan’s current transportation mode, including its advantages and disadvantages. What other modes of transportation must Riordan consider using to decrease transportation costs? Describe other modes of transportation and make a recommendation on which ones Riordan should explore further.
Should Riordan consider alternatives to a third-party shipper for international orders from their plant in China?
What role will government play in this new mode of transportation?
How will pricing be determined for this new mode of transportation?
What other strategies may Riordan implement to reduce transportation costs? Which strategy will enable Riordan to be successful in a competitive environment? Why?
How is technology used in implementing and executingthe new mode of transportation? What effect will it have on the organization’s profitability, planning, and operations?
ISCOM 352 Week 3 DQS
DQ 1
What are challenges and opportunities organizations must recognize to help effectively and proactively manage reverse flows? Provide examples. What are some key activities that may be used by managers to help create an effective and efficient management of reverse flow in the supply chain? How would activities differ in a closed loop supply chain? 
DQ 2
What are some factors supply chain managers must consider when selecting an international strategy? Provide some examples. What are the biggest challenges supply chain managers face? Explain.
DQ 3
What are some transportation policies and regulations in the United States that address safety, security, and environmental challenges? How may these affect the cost, time, and ease with which products flow across the supply chain? How have these policies and regulations changed in the last 5 years?
ISCOM 352 Week 4 Individual Assignment Logistics Management Paper
As the head of purchasing and procurement, you must draft a memothat discusses important elements of logistics management for employees. The memo will go to employees who have been with the organization for less than 18 months. Upper management’s primary concern is that new employees have been so inundated with policies, procedures, and training seminars that they need a refresher on the basics of logistics management.
Write a minimum of 1,050-word memo, including the following:
Describe factors that influence logistics management for an organization across international borders.
Summarize regulatory and operations factors that affect logistics management in the U.S.
Identify major forces that drive reverse logistics systems. How do they relate? How does each factor specifically affect reverse logistics systems?
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines
ISCOM 352 Week 4 DQS
DQ 1
What are different costs an organization incurs when maintaining inventory? How do these costs affect profitability and customer service? Provide at least two examples.
DQ 2
To maintain greater competitiveness and efficiency in an industry, what are some managing costs inventory managers must consider? Explain.
DQ 3
What is the just-in-time strategy? Why has it become popular in some industries? Provide examples of organizations that have successfully implemented the strategy
ISCOM 352 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment  Riordan Manufacturing Inventory Presentation
Resource: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization
Navigateto the Virtual Organizations website at
SelectRiordan Manufacturing.
Clickthe Intranet tab, then select Operations from the left-hand menu.
Read inventory and supply chain information for research and development in Albany, GA, and Pontiac, MI.
Createa 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation as part of a training seminar in inventory management. Training will focus on inventory management as part of supply chain logistics. In your presentation, address the following:
How do inventory costs affect inventory decisions?
What could Riordan change regarding inventory practices? How would those decisions affect inventory costs?
How does holding inventory, or carrying costs, affect profitability for Riordan? What are dangers of decreasing or increasing inventory?
What inventory management strategies are available to Riordan? What strategy do you recommend? Why?
How would technology-based strategies influence Riordan’s supply chain logistics management? How may Riordan use these strategies in implementing and executing operations to achieve successful supply chain logistics management?
How would relationship-based strategies influence Riordan’s supply chain logistics management? What relationship-based strategies may Riordan cultivate to move forward with logistics strategies to be successful in the global market?
ISCOM 352 Week 5 DQS
DQ 1
What is the supply chain manager’s role in establishing technology- and relationship-based strategies? Provide an example of how, as a supply chain manager, you would foster these strategies.
DQ 2
What are some external factors that influence the quality of logistics services provided by supply chain managers? Which factors are more important? Why? How must these factors be considered in combination with internal factors? Provide examples.
DQ 3
What do you consider to be some important elements of supply chain collaboration? Why? Provide examples to support your answer

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