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IM 300 Week 3 Individual Assignment SR-bi-003 – Hotel Database, Part 3

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IM 300 Week 3 Individual  Assignment   SR-bi-003 – Hotel Database, Part 3
Resources: SR-bi-003 – Hotel Database, the results from SR-bi-003 – Hotel Database Parts 1 & 2, Oracle® Database Express® and Microsoft® Visio® Virtual Desktop.
Complete Service Request SR-bi-003 - Hotel Database–Part 3.
Normalize the entities and attributes to at least the third normal form.
Use Microsoft® Visio® diagramming tools to create an entity-relationship diagram (ERD) that demonstrates the logical design of your normalized database.
Create and alter tables in the city’s Oracle® Database Express® database to implement the ERD design.
Generate a new DDL script.
Create a fax cover sheet addressed to the project manager for the ERD and a newly generated DDL script to show your progress on the project.
Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab above.

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