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HUM 115 Week 5 Individual Assignment Week 5 Critical Thinking Reflection

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HUM 115 Week 5 Individual Assignment Week 5 Critical Thinking Reflection


  1. Complete the Critical Thinking Reflection Template, attached to the right.
  2. Review and compare your work against this Critical Thinking Reflection Grading Guide, attached to the right. 3. Submit your assignment file to WritePoint Powered by Grammarly in the Center for Writing Excellence and make appropriate revisions.
  3. Submit your completed assignment by Day 7 (Monday). Assignments submitted after our class ends will not be accepted for grading credit.
  4. Double check to make sure the correct file was attached (open the file to verify the contents) and that the file is formatted as a Microsoft Word document, with a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file extension. IMPORTANT NOTE: No assignments will be accepted after class ends. Be sure your work is submitted by 11:59 PM, Arizona time, on Monday (Day 7). PURPOSE

In this final assignment, you will choose three (3) critical thinking lessons you learned during the class and explain how each lesson was meaningful to you. Additionally, you will demonstrate your understanding of these critical thinking concepts by discussing how they apply to your everyday life. RESOURCES

The following resources may be of assistance when completing this assignment:

  • Course readings from previous 5 weeks
  • WritePoint Powered by Grammarly, in the Center for Writing Excellence (located on the WritePoint tab under Paper Reviewing Services):
  • Grammar and Writing Guides: Guidelines for Writing Academic Essays: Applying Critical Thinking Principles to Your Writing, located in the Center for Writing Excellence (see link below):

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