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HUM 115 Week 1 Individual Assignment Week 1 Participation ~ * Also READ 3 Documents *

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HUM 115 Week 1 Individual Assignment Week 1 Participation ~ * Also READ 3 Documents *


Instructions: INSTRUCTIONS Participate in class discussions by posting at least 8 substantive responses of 100 words or more on at least 3 days to your classmates and instructor. Messages must be posted in the Learning Activities and Assignments discussion areas to count toward participation credit.     IMPORTANT: No points are earned for messages posted on the Class Messages tab or on the Private Messages tab. 3 Tips for Substantive Participation: 1.  Posts must be at least 100 words in length 2.  Posts should go beyond "I agree" statements or summaries of course readings that do not include additional thoughts or ideas - include your own thoughts & demonstrate an application/understanding of the course material 3.  Remember to include quotation marks around words that do not belong to you, to provide a reference or link for any course materials or concepts included in your posts, and to make sure posts are free from errors with grammar, punctuation, & spelling Review the Participation Requirements, Participation Checklist, & Participation Grading Guide (attached to the right of these instructions) for more information about the participation requirements for our class. If you have any questions about these instructions or information in the 3 files to the right, please post a Private Message for me. I look forward to your active participation in our class discussions each week!

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