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HINF 520 Week 4 Individual Assignment Strategy Creation

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HINF 520 Week 4 Individual Assignment Strategy Creation

Instructions: Your organization has started distributing and collecting patient satisfaction surveys. The results of these surveys have identified a number of key areas of concern as it relates to the way patients are managed within the practice. Your team has been asked by upper management to create a series of reports based on the collected data that are specific to departments within the organization. These reports will be used to create strategies for improving the customer relationship, and thus improve the satisfaction scores. Complete the following:   

  • Create a process for the development of these reports.
  • Detail methodology for identifying shortcomings in performance based on the reports.
  • Design a strategy for changing the workflow of a department to help improve the outcomes. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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Meaningful Use Summary Instructions: Create a 350-word summary explaining how Meaningful Use has had an impact on electronic medical record (EMR) vendors, specifically in terms of certification and product development. Further, describe how compulsory reporting may influence how the electronic medical record systems are configured. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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