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HINF 510 Week 3 Individual Assignment Benchmark Assignment: System Implementation Part 2

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HINF 510 Week 3 Individual Assignment Benchmark Assignment: System Implementation Part 2


Instructions: A key element in the implementation process is the identification of organizational and external factors that could negatively affect the implementation of the new system. These factors could include resource constraints, technology limitations, and interoperability restrictions. Develop a worksheet that includes 8 to 12 factors that could have an impact on the implementation of the system. Include the following columns in your worksheet:   

  • Factor Name
  • Description of Factor
  • Analyze Impact on Department(s)
  • Analyze Impact on Budget
  • Analyze Impact on Schedule
  • Analyze How to Reduce the Effects Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references. Format your references according to APA guidelines.

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