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HCS 341 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Human Resources Management Presentation

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HCS 341 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Human Resources Management Presentation

Instructions: Your Learning Team is the Human Resource Management Team at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization. The new chief executive officer of your hospital has asked your team to prepare a presentation about human resources at the hospital. (The link to the virtual organization is located on the classroom main page on the bottom right under academic resources) Prepare a 15 to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation


**** Each team member will contribute a minimum of 4 slides; if you do not contribute 4 slides you will NOT earn full credit *** Your name must be next to the Title of the slide you contribute


There are two main parts to this project. Your presentation must include all required elements. First, each slide will be a standard PowerPoint slide - which means it will have a proper title, bullet points, pictures (as needed), ect... Second, each slide will have a notes page. The notes page should have enough detail to clearly show evidence that you understand the material and can apply the material during a presentation. In saying this, anything less than 150-200 words would not show clear evidence of understanding the material and that slide will NOT count.


Admin Note: The bullet points in the actual slide does not count towards your word count. The word count of 150-200 is for the notes pages.


ALL questions below must be answered and in this order. If you are out of order there will be a point deduction.    

  1. Title Slide: (1 slide)
  2. Introduction slide: (1 slide)
  3. Describe performance appraisal standards for your hospital. (1 to 2 slides)   
  4. Identify barriers and guidelines for effective performance appraisals. (2 to 3 slides)
  5. Identify specific employee files (The files are in the virtual organization link) that show due diligence of progressive discipline of employees. Determine if due diligence was followed in the corrective action file of the following employees: Hint: There is a four-step progressive discipline procedure used to determine if due diligence was followed. (You can find the answer in our textbook)       
  6. Bennie Bellamy (1 slide)
  7. Alva Branham (1 Slide)
  8. King Lovell (1 Slide)
  9. Louise McFate (1 Slide)
  10. Follow the Patton-Fuller Hospital Human Resource goals to examine the changing role of human resource department in response to changes in the health care industry. (2 - 3 slides)
  11. What are some current and future human resource issues in health care? How may effective human resource management deal with these issues? (2 to 3 slides)
  12. Conclusion: (1 slide)
  13. Reference: (1 slide) The reference slide does not have to have a notes page. Include a minimum of four references. Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


The link to the virtual organization is located on the classroom main page on the bottom right under academic resources.


Team Leader: Whomever is the team leader this week, you must send me a private message on Monday the day the assignment is due answering the following question: Did all team members participate equally? If not, why? 

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