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HCS 341 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Performance Diagnosis HRM ONLY

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HCS 341 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Performance Diagnosis HRM ONLY


Instructions: As this is a team assignment, I am looking for well thought-out answers by the team. The team will decide how to discuss and develop thier answers. Each answer will have a minimum of 150 words. 


Hint: For a 5-person team, I would have each team member select one question to answer. For a 4-person team, the extra question can be completed by anyone who wants to do it.


5 questions


  1. What was the main issue of this week's topic?
  2. How were your choices received by the supervisor in the simulation?
  3. What was the main lesson that you learned from this exercise?
  4. Based on the discussion in class, did other people approach the scenario with your same point of view?
  5. Based on the discussion in class, how were your results similar or different from those of your peers?


Important Note: Each student must participate and discuss this HRM in the thread called "Performance Diagnostics, this is the team assignment material". If you do not participate and discuss your HRM results, you will receive a 1-point deduction.

Do not forget to take a screen shot of ALL team members HRM results and input into the template.


Team Leader: Whomever is the team leader this week, you must send me a private message on Monday the day the assignment is due answering the following question:


Did all team members participate equally? If not, why?

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