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GEO 215 Week 5 Individual Assignment Greener Alternatives for an Urban City Expansion Presentation

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GEO 215 Week 5 Individual Assignment Greener Alternatives for an Urban City Expansion Presentation


Instructions: In this assignment, you will put on the hat of the Director of City Planning to investigate the needs of the urban society, as well as whether those needs are being met by taking into account resources available, the needs of each group within the population, the current infrastructure, and moving the city toward a greener future. Consider the following scenario: As the Director of City Planning, your responsibilities include preparing the city to achieve compliance with the state and federal mandated climate change regulations. You will be presenting your findings to city leadership and local board agencies. The agencies include the departments of transportation, sanitation, environmental protection, education, small business services, housing, health, and design and construction. Your role is to identify and review the key practical needs of the urban society and how those needs are being met today, along with helping city leadership plan a recommended changeover to greener products and processes. Your department must take into account the distribution of resources needed for projected economic growth, the effect of continued growth on the current infrastructure, and the limited resources the city currently has based on current and past practices of growth within the community. Additionally, you will need to keep in mind not only the processes of urbanization, but also the effect of urbanization on the local population and culturally when proposing a development that will include greener resources for the city. Select an existing urban city to investigate in preparation for the presentation to the city's leadership and major board members within the metropolitan area. Create a 20- to 25-slide presentation in which you present your findings. Investigate current resources the city has and how those resources will be converted to greener options. Additionally, the city is purchasing property for development. Address how the city will develop resources to meet state and federal mandates and meet the needs of the community. Create or locate a map that illustrates the spatial distribution of where current resources are located. Indicate on the map future greener resources, the location, and populations served. Answer the following in your presentation. Be sure to address each of the following topics, always keeping in mind of your role as the Director of City Planning:   

  • Identify the site, and provide a map of the city along with a physical description of the land, topography, and so on.
  • Research the global warming projections for the area, and address each.
  • Provide an analysis of how the climate has shaped the land up to this point and a projection of how the physical land may change in the coming years due to climatic effects.
  • Identify the needs and services of this urban society. Address each of the following topics based on the city departments that will be attending the presentation:
  • The types of energy used (such as coal, oil, natural gas, solar, wind)
  • Food production: local versus transported
  • Water sources and the availability of clean water
  • Sanitation processes and recycling efforts
  • Air quality
  • Transportation
  • Education and educational programs  
  • Cost of living
  • Employment and opportunities for business growth and employment
  • Healthcare
  • Determine whether the vital urban needs are met today and are sustainable and/or harmful to the environment.
  • How will each be replaced by greener options?
  • What are those greener options?

Individual Aug 14, 2017 11:59 PM 10

  • What are the short- and long-term costs of implementation and upkeep?
  • Research and identify greener options for the city to implement for power, water, and other urban needs. Discuss how your city can start to introduce these options. Explain how the practical greener options presented will help the environment, reduce the cost of environmental cleanup in the future, and reduce health care costs for the population.
  • Discuss state and/or federal funding, planning options, and methods to overcome potential barriers or resistance to the proposed changes.
  • Strategize and prepare for the potential global warming projections for your city.
  • Summarize the research and present the proposed options. Include a minimum of 3 to 5 peer-reviewed references; one of the references can be the course text. Submit your assignment consistent with APA guidelines


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