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GEO 215 Week 3 Individual Assignment Environmental Impact Pamphlet

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GEO 215 Week 3 Individual Assignment Environmental Impact Pamphlet

Instructions: In this assignment, you will design an educational pamphlet to describe the impact of a growing human population to the environment, the effects of the population on natural resources, and alternative materials individuals can use to reduce the stress on natural resources. Resource: Brochure Builder in recent years, there have been growing concerns about the effects of human population on the environment, especially in areas of increasing population growth such as India. One of the ramifications of greater density populations is the strain on natural resources and the environmental health of the world. Much of the strain on the world's natural resources is due to the increase in the disposing of no biodegradable trash. The decomposition of plastics can never occur at the level of a paper bag. Create a 5-panel educational pamphlet that includes the following information:   

  • Define natural resources, environmental health, and the world/global community.
  • Describe the Pacific Trash Vortex, its location, its effect on the water cycle, and ramifications to the environment.
  • Explain how human activity can promote a responsible use of natural resources.
  • Describe alternative materials individuals can use to reduce the stress on natural resources and that have a positive effect on environmental health (for example, biodegradable utensils made from plant starch or grass fiber).
  • Identify and discuss an organization that promotes cultural change to bring awareness to affect environmental health of communities locally and globally. Format any citations in your brochure according to APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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