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GEO 180 Week 1 Individual Assignment an Explanation of Earth

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GEO 180 Week 1 Individual Assignment an Explanation of Earth


Instructions: Consider the following: Imagine that you are sharing information with someone who is not familiar with earth science, how would you describe the following to them?  Choose images to assist in your explanation.   

  • Where is Earth located in relation to the sun?
  • How are the seasons controlled by this relationship with the sun? How does this relationship change for different locations on the planet?
  • What are the properties of the atmospheric layers? How do these layers help to sustain life on the planet? How thick are each of these layer?
  • Can you provide two different map projections of how to find your location? Please provide these for your location. Write a 350- to 700-word response in which you answer the questions above. Include an additional 2 visuals that will help you answer these questions.  These are in addition to your maps for your location. Format your response, including the visuals, consistent with APA guidelines. Please remember in text references as well as an end document reference page. 

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