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ETH 316 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

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ETH 316 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Cultural Diversity in the Workplace



This week's readings focus on cultural ethics and the issue of cultural diversity in the workplace.


Imagine you and your Learning Team members are a part of a company that does not have any training in place for cultural diversity. Over lunch, you all agreed that such training is needed and that the CEO should hear your suggestion. You all get together and decide to pitch it to the CEO of your company.  The CEO has agreed to meet with you all as a team to hear your suggestion, but he only has a brief amount of time to give you.  As a team, try to convince him that this training is needed in order to improve both morale and productivity.

 Create a 7-10 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation (meaning 7-10 slides total) in which you try to convince the CEO of the importance of having cultural diversity training.  Speaker Notes are required.  They are the "voice" of your presentation.

 Address the following (in this specific order):


  •   Why is it important to have cultural diversity training?  Why isn't regular training on office protocol and behavior not enough?


  • How can cultural diversity training help improve the ethics of your company?  Provide at least one example.


  • How can cultural diversity training cause problems for your company?  Provide at least one example of a potential problem and explain how you would address or prevent this potential problem.


Remember that you have only this one opportunity to meet with the CEO.  He needs to be persuaded by your presentation, so be creative and convincing.


Use the readings from this week as sources to help you. 

 Format your presentation according to appropriate APA guidelines.  In other words, if you borrow, then give credit.

 You may include images, as appropriate.  However, avoid animation.

 Submit your team assignment to the Assignment Files tab.


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