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ENG 222 Week 5 Individual Assignment Career Research and Preparation

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ENG 222 Week 5 Individual Assignment Career Research and Preparation


Instructions: Return to the website for the Society for Technical Communication, and research the jobs associated with the technical communication field. Select one job or career field for further research. Select one option to complete this assignment: Option A Write a 350-word summary describing your selected job's or career field's educational requirements. types of programs or software knowledge needed. and the required professional experience. Describe in your summary an action plan for acquiring more skills to add to your qualifications in the future and how you would develop your professional brand. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.


Option B Write a 350-word video blog as if you are interviewing for a technical writing job. Describe your skills and educational experience for the job. This could be your software and writing skills and any professional experience you have that can be applied to your job. You can also discuss the steps you took in writing the manual for this class. Note: You may write this assignment using first person. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.


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