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ENG 222 Week 3 Individual Assignment Research in Technical Writing

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ENG 222 Week 3 Individual Assignment Research in Technical Writing


Instructions: The president of your company has tasked you with researching and reviewing two different brands of the same type of product for use in her office. She would like you to draft a report that describes the two comparable products and recommend one for purchase. Select, for this assignment, only one of the following product types:   

  • Two types of coffeemakers
  • Two types of ergonomic chairs
  • Two types of laptop computers
  • You may also select two types of a product of your choosing Refer to Ch. 2, 6, and Appendix B of your text for this assignment. Write two 50- to 75-word product descriptions using appropriate informal report formatting. Note. Write the descriptions concisely. Write a recommendation of 175 to 350 words. Demonstrate your product research by referencing sources of information appropriately. Submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document to the Assignment Files tab.


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