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ENG 222 Week 1 Individual Assignment Society for Technical Communication Career Research


Instructions: For this assignment, you can choose how you will submit your answers to the following questions. You may either choose to respond in a 350word reflection paper, or you may choose to do this as a podcast where you discuss your answers. Go to the website for the Society for Technical Communication, and research the answers to the following questions. Write the answers in your own words using complete sentences.   

  • What is the Society for Technical Communication (STC)?
  • What is STC's mission statement? (Note. This can be quoted from the STC site.)
  • To be considered technical communications, communications must exhibit one or more of three characteristics. What are they?
  • Name three technical communications careers.
  • What is the name of the STC peer-reviewed journal?
  • What is a special interest group (SIG)?
  • Name one SIG.
  • What is your city and state? What professional chapter is closest to where you live?
  • What is the difference between technical writing and technical communication?
  • Based on your reading of Ch. 3 and 20 of your text, what are the characteristics of writing at work? What must you keep in mind when writing at work, and how does it differ from writing for school or in your personal life? Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.


ENG 222 Week 1 Individual Assignment How-To Instructions


Instructions: Refer to Ch. 20 of your text for this assignment. Write instructions for a task applying the qualities of good technical writing. The instructions should be a brief 4- to 7-line how-to. Do not let the seemingly simplicity of the task fools you. Think about the items needed, steps involved, cautions needed, tips, and so forth, before you begin writing. Revise your writing, as needed, to increase the clarity and readability of your instructions. Demonstrate good organization and a logical sequence that enables people to complete the task. Select one of the following tasks for your instructional how-to:   

  • How to plant a seed
  • How to make a sundae
  • How to diaper a baby
  • How to inflate a deflated basketball
  • Another task approved by your instructor (You may wish to use a task you use in your job) Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.



 ENG 222 Week 2 Individual Assignment Workplace Communication

Instructions: Refer to Ch. 14 of your text for this assignment to review the different types of correspondence in the workplace. Write a 200- to 350-word workplace memo, letter, e-mail, or microblog, that addresses the following scenario: You are working as the communications officer for a company located in a large office building with designated areas for employee breaks and lunches, located on each floor. The company's president has asked you to send a memo via e-mail directing all employees to clean their own mess before leaving the break room. There have been repeated instances of spills on counters, garbage left behind, and employee lunches and food items spoiling in the refrigerators. The president wants you to warn employees that he may direct the cleaning staff to throw out everything in the refrigerator on a daily basis, if the situation continues. Additionally, he would like you to direct employees to clean any mess they encounter in the break rooms, regardless of whether or not it was their own. Basically, he wants you to create a guide of breakroom "Do's and Don’ts’s" for employees. Follow the guidelines for ensuring quality and appropriate tone discussed in Ch. 14, and include the following: 

  • Planning and composing that demonstrates understanding of the audience for whom you are writing, as discussed in Ch. 14 of your text   
  • Writing that follows the characteristics of good writing as discussed in Ch. 9 and 10 of your text, such as verb-to-word ratio, keeping the subject near the verb, tone, and active voice Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.





ENG 222 Week 2 Individual Assignment Final Project: Table of Contents for Student Manual


Instructions: This assignment will help you to not only think about how to organize your material for your Final Project, but to think about the type of information you want to include. Create a table of contents for your manual. You will include the table of contents as a part of your complete manual, due in Week 5. The table of contents must correspond to the headings and subheadings in your final manual. Submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document to the Assignment Files tab.




ENG 222 Week 3 Individual Assignment Personal Ethical Conduct and Intellectual Property

Instructions: Refer to Ch. 2 of your text for this assignment. Write a 175- to 350-word personal code of conduct listing and discuss how you apply the principles that guide your communication as a student or as an employee at a company you work for or for whom you have worked. Demonstrate the characteristics of good writing, and revise as necessary. Include an explanation on how intellectual property and proprietary information relates to technical writing. Submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document to the Assignment Files tab.



ENG 222 Week 3 Individual Assignment Research in Technical Writing


Instructions: The president of your company has tasked you with researching and reviewing two different brands of the same type of product for use in her office. She would like you to draft a report that describes the two comparable products and recommend one for purchase. Select, for this assignment, only one of the following product types:   

  • Two types of coffeemakers
  • Two types of ergonomic chairs
  • Two types of laptop computers
  • You may also select two types of a product of your choosing Refer to Ch. 2, 6, and Appendix B of your text for this assignment. Write two 50- to 75-word product descriptions using appropriate informal report formatting. Note. Write the descriptions concisely. Write a recommendation of 175 to 350 words. Demonstrate your product research by referencing sources of information appropriately. Submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document to the Assignment Files tab.




ENG 222 Week 4 Individual Assignment Document Design: Instructional Handout

Instructions: Refer to Ch. 9 and 10 of your text for this assignment. Write instructions for a 1- to 2-page handout that explains how to create a table in Microsoft® Word (whatever version you have) and how to add and delete columns and rows from an existing table. Note: You may choose a task different from the table, but it still needs to be a technical one. Include the following in your instructional handout:   

  • Summary of the program and version of the program you are using
  • Design that reveals to the reader how your information is organized
  • Effective use of blank space
  • Organized and consistent design of active space
  • Illustrations taken from screenshots or a snipping tool that are appropriately cited
  • Titled and numbered illustrations that are referred to in the instructions Note: Check the Microsoft® website for the wording that must accompany the use of its software images. Continue to develop the characteristics of good writing, and proofread your document for common errors. Submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document to the Assignment Files tab.




ENG 222 Week 5 Individual Assignment Career Research and Preparation


Instructions: Return to the website for the Society for Technical Communication, and research the jobs associated with the technical communication field. Select one job or career field for further research. Select one option to complete this assignment: Option A Write a 350-word summary describing your selected job's or career field's educational requirements. types of programs or software knowledge needed. and the required professional experience. Describe in your summary an action plan for acquiring more skills to add to your qualifications in the future and how you would develop your professional brand. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.


Option B Write a 350-word video blog as if you are interviewing for a technical writing job. Describe your skills and educational experience for the job. This could be your software and writing skills and any professional experience you have that can be applied to your job. You can also discuss the steps you took in writing the manual for this class. Note: You may write this assignment using first person. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.


ENG 222 Week 5 Individual Assignment Final Project: Student Manual



Instructions: Proofread and complete your manual that includes the following items:   

  • Table of contents
  • Headers and footers that include page numbers, copyright information, and other necessary information
  • Headings
  • Appropriate font
  • Written instructions for accessing, navigating, and using the selected tool or procedure
  • Visual elements, such as images and screenshots
  • Effective page layout, including use of white space, color, and proper font
  • Terminology definitions for any symbols or diagrams used
  • References to source material, if needed
  • Any other necessary information to help the user navigate the manual

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