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EDUC200 Module 8 Mock Teacher’s Application (Liberty University)

1. List any information which you believe will assist in arriving at a true estimate of your qualifications including previous employment, other experiences of specialized skills relevant to the position for which you are applying. Also include areas of co-curriculum where you have interest or experience. (Example: coaching, Science Olympiad, Student Council, Yearbook/Newspaper, etc.) (min. 100 words)

2. Please provide any additional information you desire that will afford an increased understanding of your qualifications. Goals, objectives, philosophy, and other background factors are of special interest. (min. 100 words)

3. Describe what you believe to be your most notable professional/personal achievement(s). (min. 100 words)

4. Elaborate on effective teaching skills and instructional strategies you would use in your classroom. (min. 100 words)

5. Membership in Professional Organizations. (This is a hypothetical scenario: From Table 13.6 in our text Ch. 13, select an organization that interests you. Locate the organization’s website and explore the different services described there. Find out the membership costs and benefits. Report your findings). (min. 100 words

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