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ECO 372 Week 4 Individual Assignment Federal Reserve Presentation

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ECO 372 Week 4 Individual Assignment Federal Reserve Presentation

You have been chosen to give a presentation on the United States Federal Reserve System to foreign officials. These officials are very interested in doing business in the United States, but they would like to learn more about the Federal Reserve and how it operates.

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that devotes one slide to each of the following topics:

· Economic factors that influence the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.
· How the Federal Funds rate is related to other interest rates including specific interest rates set by banks and other financial institutions.
· How open-market operations can be used to target the Federal Funds rate and control the money supply.
· How interest rates are related to inflation and to economic growth.
· Current monetary policy and supporting evidence of current monetary policy, such as the Federal Open Market Committee’s latest statements and target for the Federal Funds interest rate.

Limit each slide to six or fewer lines of six or fewer words.

Each slide should also include appropriate elaborations on the above topics in the notes pages that accompany your slides. Your notes pages should also include citations of any and all sources used in your slides.

Your presentation should also include an introductory slide (or slides) as well as a slide (or slides) with your conclusions. Your concluding slides should address why business managers should have a solid understanding of monetary policy.

For information on how to create and use PowerPoint notes pages, please see the Help menu in PowerPoint.

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