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DHA 714 Week 3 Individual Assignment Mission and Vision Statement Alignment Analysis


A health care organization’s philosophy is expressed in its mission and vision statements. A strategic plan’s foundation may be traced back to the mission and vision statements, and is implemented in the marketing plan. The marketing plan, therefore, must be the vehicle by which the organization accomplishes its mission and vision.

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper, critically evaluating the alignment of your current health care organization’s marketing with its mission and vision statements. The analysis must not be a restatement of the organization’s mission, vision, and marketing strategy. Rather, it should be a critical evaluation of the alignment between the organization’s marketing principles and its mission and vision.

Create a table, organizing your analysis using the SWOT template on your student Web site. Integrate marketing mix and SWOT frameworks to produce an evaluation of your organization’s current approach. Support and discuss the information in your table with narrative analysis grounded in course literature.



DHA 714 Week 4 Individual Assignment Conceptual Framework Paper


Create a 1,400- to 2.100-word original conceptual framework grounded in current scholarly research, which helps explain aprocess related to a significant contemporary health care problem. The framework must not be based on personal experience, opinion, or assertion. Substantive literature and research must be incorporated to justify the variables and relationships included in your model/framework.

Utilize models and figures



DHA 714 Week 5 Individual Assignment Secondary Data Sources Paper


You are a consultant retained by a for-profit cancer center that is considering entering the Indianapolis, Indiana market.


Utilize the criteria below and identify five secondary sources of data that may be used to evaluate the scenario.


Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper, describing the precise location of each source of data and how the data could be used to assess the scenario.

Choose sources carefully. Sources must meet the following guidelines:


Current: Within the last 5 years, but preferably in the last 12 months

Publicly available and free

Credible (a qualified, reputable source)

Objective (an unbiased, neutral source)

Aligned with the scenario (no generic information; use data specifically applicable to a for-profit cancer center in Indianapolis, Indiana)

Do not evaluate the opportunity. Identify existing sources of information that may be useful in the analysis of the opportunity. Do not recommend primary data collection sources, such as surveys, focus groups, and so forth; suggest secondary sources of information. The Contemporary Issues in Health Care Paper addresses primary data collection skills.



DHA 714 Week 6 Individual Assignment Marketing Analysis



DHA 714 Week 7 Individual Assignment Survey Instrument Taxonomy



DHA 714 Week 8 Individual Assignment Contemporary Issues in Healthcare


Resource: University material: Dissertation Criteria and Rating Scale

Write a 1,400- to 2,450-word paper, analyzing the effect of the issue on consumers and health care organizations’ marketing and propose how the issue could be studied.

Include the following information:

Background: Discussion about why the research issue is of important social concern or theoretical interest

Problem: Inclusion of a clear statement identifying the need to study the issue and statistics documenting the issue’s scope with credible research published in the last 5 years


General significance: Discussion about the importance of studying the issue as well as the contribution your research may make to current and future studies

Leadership significance: Discussion about how studying the issue may add to the body of leadership knowledge and literature

Research Questions: One or two broad, open-ended questions for the proposed study that examine the issue, avoiding dichotomous research questions

Research Recommendations

Research Method: Identification and defense of a suggested quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method for the proposed study

Research Design: Identification and defense of phenomenological, ethnographic, descriptive, exploratory, or correlational research design for the proposed study

Sample: Identification and defense of an appropriate sample for the proposed study



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