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DHA 711 Week 3 Evolution of Health Care Organizations Worksheet

Select a type of health care organization, such as surgical centers, specialty hospitals, university health systems, health plans, not-for-profit health systems, for-profit health systems, or physician practices.

Complete the timeline below by recording significant events in the history of the type of organization you selected, or in the health care industry that has an influence on the organization’s evolution. For each event, identify the year, briefly describe the event, and explain the event’s influence on the chosen type of health care organization. Expand the table if necessary.


DHA 711 Week 4 Individual Assignment Mission, Vision, and Culture

Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper formulating the mission, vision, and culture that a typical organization of your chosen type might use to guide the development of new strategies, such as marketing or finance. Include the following elements in your paper:

A brief summary of the function of the organization, answering the following questions:

What is the purpose of this organization?

What population does this organization serve?

What governing body structure would best suit this organization?

A mission and vision statement for this organization

A description of the culture—norms, values, beliefs, and behaviors—you want to develop to fulfill the mission and lead the organization to higher levels of performance. How, as a leader, might you nurture the culture? How might you encourage middle managers to advocate the culture? How might you promote employee support of the culture? Your reason should be supported by research and citations. Provide support your responses from the text.

A plan for monitoring the development of the organizational culture. If, as the culture developed, it deviated from the mission and vision you created, what steps might you take to encourage the organization to get back on track? How can you determine that the culture the organization naturally developed is not better for the organization than the culture the leadership foresaw? What strategies can you use from the text?

An organizational chart that illustrates the typical structure of this type of health care organization. Describe the roles and functions of the essential positions. Include the organizational chart in the appendix section of your paper in accordance with APA requirements.

Format your paper and any references consistent with APA guidelines.



DHA 711 Week 5 Individual Assignment Administration and Stakeholders Factor Paper



DHA 711 Week 6 Individual Assignment Allocation of Resources Paper

You have identified the service type, mission, vision, culture, stakeholders, services, and structure of your chosen type of health care organization. In this assignment, you must use this information to determine how to allocate finite resources.

Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper that details the resource acquisition and allocation processes in the organization. Compare the

Identify the following types of resources in your paper based on the Longest and Darr text:



Capital (equipment, technology, plant, and property)




Describe how the CEO or equivalent officer might work with the governing body to allocate resources appropriately within the organization. What theory from our text best fits the resource allocation you identified?

Discuss any ethical considerations in the process of allocating the organization’s resources.  

Format your paper and any references consistent with APA guidelines.



DHA 711 Week 7 Individual Assignment Health Care Organization Analysis Paper



DHA 711 Week 8 Individual Assignment Health Care Organization Analysis Presentation


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