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DBM 294 Week 3 Individual Assignment Data Manipulation Language

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DBM 294 Week 3 Individual Assignment  Data Manipulation Language


Extend the SQL script you developed for the Week Two individual


Populate the tables you created with appropriate sample data. Use at

least 5 rows for each table. Some tables may require more than 5 rows

to create a sensible data set. Take all of the INSERT commands you

used to add this data and add them to your SQL script.

Write additional SQL commands in your script that demonstrate use of

the following keywords and techniques (one separate command to

demonstrate each bullet). These commands should interact with the

tables you have been creating.

  • LIKE
  • TOP
  • Named columns
  • Calculated columns

Using the Assignment Files tab:

Submit your SQL script.

Submit a document containing screen shots of each SQL command

and the corresponding output

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