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DBM 294 Week 2 Individual Assignment Data Definition Language

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DBM 294 Week 2 Individual Assignment Data Definition Language


Implement a database that matches the specifications developed in

your Week One individual assignment.

Submit a file containing the SQL code needed to perform the following


  • Create a database named DBM294_LastName where LastName is

replaced with your own last name.

  • Create the tables you designed in week one within this database.
  • Create the primary and foreign key constraints on those tables in

accordance with the original specification.

Your document should be a plain text file (not an MS Office document,

PDF, or similar), and it should contain nothing but the SQL code

needed to do the above. Make sure that executing your code will result

in the creation of the database, tables, and related constraints. This

means that you should test your code live against Microsoft® SQL

Server® in the Toolwire® environment.

Submit, in addition to the one above, a file containing screen shots

which show the database with the name visible, and the tables showing

all columns, primary and foreign keys.

You may use the GUI tools to perform the above tasks and then

generate the associated SQL scripts automatically, but again, you

should test the execution of those scripts before submitting them.

Do NOT add any data to your tables - that will come in subsequent


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