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DBM 294 Week 1 Individual Assignment Database Development Paper

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DBM 294  Week 1 Individual Assignment Database Development Paper


Your individual assignments in this course will focus on implementing

and manipulating a SQL Server® database.

Write a 2- to 3-page business proposal that addresses the following:

  • Describe a business problem that requires data management and

could be solved by implementing a database.

  • Detail the design of a database that will solve the problem.
  • List the tables (minimum of 8) that will be created.
  • List the columns and data types that will be part of each table.
  • Identify which columns will be primary and foreign keys (for foreign

keys, indicate which primary keys these will reference).

  • Explain what concept each table will represent, and give one or two

examples of the kind of data that will be in each column.

The database you describe in this week's assignment will be

implemented and manipulated in future weeks.

Every table in your database should either contain a foreign key or be

the target of a foreign key - you should have no isolated tables.

As you are creating your tables, note that in future weeks when you

implement and populate the database, you will be expected to have at

least five records per table. This knowledge may inform the tables you


Submit your proposal using the Assignment Files tab at the top of the


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