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DBM 280 Week 5 Individual Assignment Visual Aid Final Project

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DBM 280 Week 5 Individual Assignment  Visual Aid Final Project



Based on this week's collaboration discussion, create a visual aid that

explains the obstacles associated with creating reports using the report

wizard, using groupings and totals, and applying, sorting and filtering

within a report. Include solutions to overcome them.

Address the following:

  • Add to the file you created in Week Two's visual aid, by choosing two

obstacles and their solutions that you personally want to remember and

believe will help you going forward working with Microsoft® Access®


  • Use a software that allows you to create a visual description of your

obstacles and solutions. Examples of software you may use include

Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Piktochart. You may choose any software

that creates an electronic file you will be able to submit.

  • Create at least one slide or page per obstacle/solution.
  • Describe the obstacle and at least one solution. In total, your file

should have at least eight slides or pages when this week's assignment

is complete.

Save your file in a format you can submit. Examples include the original

software file format such as PowerPoint® or PDF file format.

Submit your Visual Aid file, as your deliverable for this assignment, to

the Assignment Files Tab above..

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