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DAT 305 Week 1 - Apply - Create a Table of Sorting Algorithms

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Create a table of Sorting Algorithms for use as a personal reference or to use if you were explaining algorithms to a peer or coworker.

Down the left side of the table, list the four sorting algorithm names covered in Week 1. In the first column (Description), give a brief description of the algorithm. In the next column (Benefits), list some of the benefits of using the sorting method.

Note: You may also include pitfalls if you want to capture some of the downside of the method.

In the next column (Uses), list some organizational uses for the method. When you are done, you should have a 1-page table and a one-half to 1-page narrative of the table (a narrative is simply a description of the table in writing) that could be used as a reference piece or for a teaching tool if you were explaining sorting algorithms to someone.

Include a list of references used to identify the sorting algorithms and their applications

To complete this assignment, you may refer to the zyBook material or do your own research.

Submit your assignment.

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