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CYB 120 Complete Course

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CYB 120 Complete Course


CYB 120 Week 1 Discussion Question: OSI and TCP/IP


Research OSI and TCP/IP and how they relate to network security.Describe how each aid in network security. Does either provide more effective security? Explain.







CYB 120 Week 1 Discussion Question: CND


Research Computer Network Defense (CND) and host-based protections.

Compare each discussing two similarities and two differences. Why are both needed?







CYB 120 Week 1 Discussion Question: Network Security


Research the Cisco® website for network threats.Choose four common threats and explain why you think they pose the biggest threat to network security.








CYB 120 Week 2 Discussion Question: Who Is More Harmful?




Two major threats to an organization are the insider human threat and the outsider human threat. Explain which of the two threats is more dangerous to an organization.






CYB 120 Week 3 Discussion Question: Network Attacks


Research network attacks and the issues they cause.

Choose two attacks and compare their effectiveness at exploiting a network








CYB 120 Week 4 Discussion Question: Protocols




Discuss the relationship between protocols and port numbers. Why is it important? Does a protocol have to use its well-known port?





CYB 120 Week 4 Discussion Question: Security Controls


Research the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls.

Choose Control #13, Limitation and Control of Network Ports, Protocols, and Services.

Discuss the relationship between security controls and risk. What is the importance of specifying priority and sequence?








CYB 120 Week 5 Discussion Question: Security Education, Training, and Awareness Differences


Education, training, and awareness are an essential element in ensuring effectiveness of security policies. However, although education, training, and awareness achieve common security goals, there are differences between them.

Describe the differences between education, training, and awareness and how they are relevant to an organization.







CYB 120 Week 5 Discussion Question: System Specific Security Policies


System Specific Security Policies (SSSP) provide users with direction on how to configure and maintain a system.

Choose an SSSP and describe what security information and steps should be included.


CYB 120 Complete Course

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