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CYB 110 Week 3 Individual Assignment Social Network Security – Configuring a Social Network

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CYB 110 Week 3 Individual Assignment Social Network Security – Configuring a Social Network

Instructions: Your company encourages its employees to interact with the corporate Facebook page as a way to promote brand awareness and customer engagement. Your company wants employees to verify that their social media accounts are secure before engaging with a public corporate Facebook page that has thousands of users. Your task is to create a 1to 2-page reference document demonstrating appropriate secure settings for Facebook. Configure Facebook security settings as described, taking screenshots for each step:   

  1. Limit access to Work and Education info to "Friends" or "Only me."
  2. Set a strong password consisting of a passphrase that is alphanumeric, at least 10 characters, and includes a special character.
  3. Select a separate "App Password" under Security Settings.
  4. Adjust "Privacy Settings" to Friends.
  5. Limit "Who can contact me" to "Friends of Friends" or "Friends."
  6. Adjust "Who can look me up" to "Friends of Friends" or "Friends."
  7. Set "Timeline and Tagging" to "Friends."
  8. Apply "Always Play Anonymously."
  9. Adjust "Ad Settings" to "No One." Paste screenshots into a Microsoft® Word document to demonstrate you applied appropriate configurations and definitions are current. Write a short 100-200 word recommendation for users to regularly reconfirm privacy settings.


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