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CYB 110 Week 2 Individual Assignment Securing an Operating System

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CYB 110 Week 2 Individual Assignment Securing an Operating System


Instructions: You are a security administrator responsible for providing secure configuration requirements for new laptop deployments. After reading Module 2 of Certified Secure Computer User v2 exercises, apply the configuration settings below on your Windows® or Mac® computer and take screenshots of each step: Windows:   

  1. Lock system when not in use
  2. Create and change user account password
  3. Disable Guest Account
  4. Enable Automatic Software Updates
  5. Enable Firewall
  6. Create a New Firewall Rule
  7. Turn on Windows Defender
  8. Enable bit locker
  9. Decrypt file using EFS
  10. Disable Unnecessary Services Mac:
  11. Lock system when not in use
  12. Disable Automatic Login
  13. Enable Automatic Software updates
  14. Disable Guest Account
  15. Enable FileVault
  16. Enable Firewall
  17. Change Password at set intervals
  18. Enable and set parental controls Paste screenshots into a Microsoft® Word document to demonstrate you applied the configurations. Write a 1-page explanation on how and why these settings create a secure operating system.


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