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CYB 100 Week 5 Individual Assignment Using PhoenixConnect as a Private Cloud Lab

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CYB 100 Week 5 Individual Assignment Using PhoenixConnect as a Private Cloud Lab


Instructions: Using the following instructions, set up a Private Cloud using PhoenixConnect:    

1.  Open a new document in Microsoft® Word and save it as CYB100_F100. You will use this file for your answers to the questions below.   

2.  Log in to using your assigned username and password.   

3.  From the top navigation menu, select PhoenixConnect.   

4.  Click your name in the top navigation toolbar.   

5.  Click on My Profile, and add at least one piece of information to your profile.    6.  Click on "Communities."   

7.  Search for Information Systems & Technology.   

8.  Select the Information Systems & Technology Community.

Answer the following questions in a 1/2-page Microsoft® Word document titled CYB100_F100:   

  • Explain if it is necessary to log in to PhoenixConnect. Why or why not? What form of authentication does this represent?
  • Explain what PhoenixConnect is, its intended purpose, and its restrictions.
  • Explain how your profile was created. Include in this explanation the importance of reviewing and editing the profile content. Explain how this relates to the integrity of information.
  • Explain how PhoenixConnect content can be used for a secure and private cloud. Address access control and permissions, as well as cybersecurity provisions in the context of a private cloud application. From your experience with this asset, is this cloud hardened? Why or why not?

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