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CYB 100 Week 3 Individual Assignment Conflict

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CYB 100 Week 3 Individual Assignment Conflict

Instructions: Reference: Pluralsight video "Conflict Resolution in the Workplace" by Stephen Haunts Research a current domestic or international conflict in the cyber domain. As a way of validating your understanding of the nature of conflict as described in the video, write a 1/2-page to 1-page methodology for resolving the conflict using Microsoft® Word that addresses the following:   

  • Identify the reason for the conflict and the opposing forces.
  • Accurately identify the key political figures that impact the outcome or resolution of the conflict.
  • If you were involved with the resolution of the conflict, what style of conflict resolution would you use--the competing shark, the collaborating owl, the avoiding turtle, the accommodating teddy bear, or the compromising fox--and why?
  • Do you think in our current political environment we may take the easy way out and try to sweep the conflict under the rug?
  • There is one simple widely-used method to resolve common conflicts that goes by the acronym DESC, standing for Describe, Express, Specify, Consequences.
  • Do you think this method could be used to resolve the conflict you identified?
  • Do you think methods for conflict resolution in the workplace are the same as geological conflicts? Why or why not? Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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