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CUR 528 Week 3 Learning Team Assessment Scenario

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CUR 528 Week 3  Learning Team  Assessment Scenario
Resources: Scenario that you created for the company that the team chose in Week 2.
Develop, as a team, a scenario after the training session and assessment that you described in Week 2. This scenario is where the results from the assessment showed areas or issues that still needed improvement. Include the following in your post assessment development phase will drive future instruction:
The company and background knowledge about the issue you and your team have chosen as an area of need of improvement.
Data collected from a 10-question assessment that measures the objectives from your areas of need in Week 2. The data must show what the objectives measured and the analysis of data on a spreadsheet of at least 50 employees where 30% of the employees still need additional reinforcement. The data should reinforce the team's decision for future organizational training needs.
Include the steps or the plan moving forward that the training team/department will have to accomplish to close the instructional gaps through instruction.
Write a 1,050- to 1,225-word paper explaining the team's findings from the assessment data. Include a brief introduction to your scenario, an action plan that you and your team will develop to correct or close the gaps between learning and performance, a list of resources that the training team may need, and the budget that will be needed to implement the instruction and post assessment piece for evaluation.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines and include at least five references to justify your training plan as related to best practices.
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