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Create a flowchart using Microsoft Word or any other application Include the following Major milestones and experiences in your life from early to middle adulthood

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Create a flowchart using Microsoft Word or any other application


Include the following

  • Major milestones and experiences in your life from early to middle adulthood: Project possible events if middle adulthood has not been reached.
  • At least three milestones and experiences in the physical, cognitive, and socioemotional developmental areas

Write a 200- 300 word summary discussing the following:

  • Which of these milestones and experiences have had the greatest effect on your relationships and in what ways? 

For the flow chart, it should be just the event (wedding, birth, tornado, rape, move, etc.) and the developmental area it most applied to (some may apply to more than one, so choose the area most affected).  All the details, corroboration, etc. will be in the summary/essay that discusses the one milestone you are analyzing. 

Make sure that your paper is in APA format.

The flowchart should be within the paper, not a separate document.


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