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COMM 102 Week 2 Individual Assignment Week 1 Weekly Summary - Late assignments not accepted

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COMM 102 Week 2 Individual Assignment Week 1 Weekly Summary - Late assignments not accepted


Instructions: Post a summary to answer these questions:

- What was learned during the week?     

Note: Do not just summarize the topics for the week since the focus is on critical thinking.

-  Reflect on what was learned. How you will use it in the workplace or personally?

Your responses should be at least 200-300 words each, be substantive, and encompass higher level critical thinking skills. Be sure to use APA format which includes a title sheet. Add citations and references for any directly copied or paraphrased text, as appropriate.


It must be submitted by Day 7 for credit since this is part of participation. It cannot be submitted late.


To have the summary count as participation, also post it under the assignment and discuss others' posts.

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